The early eighties saw Alexander begin his solo career as a vocalist, making his first recordings in ’84 with Jam and Lewis…

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This highly distinguished and distinctive Minneapolis-based vocalist was born on 15th November 1953 in Natchez, Mississippi.

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During the 70’s Alexander put together his own band and by constant touring of the live circuit in the States, developed his obvious vocal talents. In 1978, he joined Flyte Tyme with future producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Flyte Tyme eventually became the backing band for Prince, although due to different creative opinions they parted company two years later.

The early eighties saw Alexander begin his solo career as a vocalist, making his first recordings in ’84 with Jam and Lewis.  The self-titled debut solo album was released by a local label called Tabu (distributed worldwide by CBS) and a year later generated his first UK top 10 smash ‘Saturday Love’ along with solid R&B classics such as ‘A Broken Heart Could Mend’ and ‘If You Were Here Tonight’. 

In 1986, Alexander O’Neal achieved a co-production credit with Jam & Lewis on the Janet Jackson debut hit single ‘Control’.

1987 saw the release of Alexander’s second album ‘Hearsay’, which featured major club anthems “Fake” and “Criticise.” The album sold over 700,000 copies in the UK alone. This period saw Alexander embark on several sell-out UK tours including six nights at Wembley Arena where his on-stage antics on a bed with beautiful women from the audience pre-empted scenes similar to those from Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour a few years later.

Alexander O’Neal’s popularity in the UK has been constantly reiterated with numerous sell-out tours (including a Princes Trust Concert) and a BBC TV special. All his six albums have charted both in the UK and the USA – a considerable achievement! These six albums have led to Alexander clocking up over 162 weeks in the Guinness Book of Albums.

Alexander names the legend Otis Redding as one of his major influences, with a fresh respect for emerging European (R&B/Dance) talent.

The years between 1989 and 1991 saw many of his best cuts re-mixed and achieve chart status.

Alexander’s 1991 album ‘All True Man’ demonstrated an ever-increasing fan base and led to another gold album selling over 400,000 in Europe.

Alexander O’Neal’s worldwide success was celebrated with a greatest hits collection in 1992, creating his second Platinum album in the UK. His collaboration with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as producers ended with the ‘Greatest Hits’ album.

He has since recorded a new album entitled ‘5 Questions’ and continues to tour extensively throughout Europe and all other territories.



Alexander O’Neal – 1 June 1985

Hearsay – All Mixed Up – 8 Aug 1987

My Gift To You (Xmas Album) – 17 Dec 1988

All True Man – 2 Feb 1991

This This Called Love/Greastest Hits – 30 May 1992

Love Makes No Sense – 20 Feb 1993

Five Questions 2010


Saturday Love – 28 Dec 1985

If You Were Here Tonight – 15 Feb 1985

A Broken Heart Can Mend – 4 April 1986

Fake – 6 June 1987

Criticise – 31 Oct 1987

Never Knew Love Like This (Duet) – 6 Feb 1988

The Lovers – 28 May 1988

What Can I Say To Make You Love Me – 23 July 1988

Fake ’88 (Re-Mix) – 24 Sept 1988

Xmas Song – 10 Dec 1988

Hearsay ’89 (Re-Mix) – 25 Feb 1989

Sunshine – 2 Sept 1989

The Hitmix – 9 Dec 1989

Saturday Love (Re-Mix) – 24 Mar 1990

All True Man – 12 Jan 1991

What is Thing Called Love – 23 Mar 1991

Shame On Me – 11 May 1991

Sentimental – 9 May 1992

Love Makes No Sense – 30 Jan 1993

In the Middle – 3 July 1993

All That Matters To Me – 25 Sept 93

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