Welcome to the world of Big Brother & X-Factor star Simon aka Showbiz!

The Big Brother contestant and X-Factor presenter has been entertaining the masses for many years!

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Simon has had a versatile career, not only as an actor, but also as a presenter, producer, and entertainer. From spending six months as a Butlins Redcoat for the Grand Hotel, Scarborough where he learnt all the tricks of the trade, to playing in children’s shows for the Rank organisation, to playing Benny in the West End production of “Singalongabba” which consisted of wearing a false beard, putting on a silly Swedish accent and miming playing the piano – an achievement Simon felt was a big plus to his CV! (Whitehall Theatre)

Simon is no stranger to  the world of pantomime and  with over twenty years experience behind him some of his  favourite  experiences  to date  include playing  Dame opposite Gladiator Wolf for two years in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Smee in ‘Peter Pan’ opposite his great pal the late avenger Gareth Hunt. (Victoria Theatre, Halifax and The Pavilion Theatre, Worthing; The Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks respectively).

His many television credits include: – ‘On the Road with Maureen Rees’ for the BBC in 1997. In 1998, Simon had the privilege to set up Laurence Llewyn Bowen on a ‘Gotcha!’ for Noel’s House Party for the BBC. In 2004, Simon was asked to be the Second Butler in Channel 4’s ‘What the Butler Saw’ – a six-part documentary on aristocracy. This saw Simon not only being part of a secret panel, but also the start of his unique, off-the-cuff personality bring the screen to life.

Following this was an invitation that Simon couldn’t refuse the opportunity to become Britain’s best cook – which actually turned out to be Britain’s worst cook – on ITV1’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. In those two weeks, Simon learnt what the difference was between an egg yolk and an egg white. Another great achievement was learning to distinguish between a spatula and a whisk.

Simon is also no stranger to the Drag world and in 2013 produced Drag Divas at The Arts Theatre London with well know female impressionist La Voix in the title role

Simon played Horrible Hilda in the West End Pantomime Snow White and the Seven Poofs at The Leicester Square Theatre with Drag Artistes   Bette Rinse and Tanya In 2011 he recreated the same role this time with the legendary Titti La Camp as The Queen and the same in 2012 with Mrs Moore as The Queen and Tanya Hyde as Snow White at The Green Carnation.

In 2013 Simon produced the touring UK production of adult pantomime Sinderfella with Miss Devine in the lead playing in London, AXM Manchester and Birmingham.

In 2015 Simon was part of Big Brother and was the first person EVER to be evicted in Big Brother history lasting just two hours in launch opening night Time Bomb twist! However that was not  the end of Simon  as he was invited back into the house  two  weeks later and lasted up to 30 days and became a Big Brother legend  as well as known for his catchphrase SHOWBIZ(which  incidentally on opening  night he said over 400 times!)

Since leaving out of the house Simon is now working constantly theatre and television as well as light entertainment and personal appearances.


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