The Latest Ex On The Beach Honey Is Driving The Boys Crazy

As a self-confessed Tomboy, Harriette loves to throw herself into any extreme sport and is always up for a challenge!


As a child she spent her time driving the cranes and cherry pickers around her Dad’s factory and sailing the sea on their family boat.

Not one to shy away from anything active, Harriette often goes horse riding, skiing and ice skating in her spare time as well as keeping fit at the gym.

Aside all her activities, Harriette is currently studying Interior Design and would love one day to open her own interior design and furniture store in home county of Essex.

Contrary to being a Tomboy, Harriette also loves to try out different make up, keep up with the latest fashion trends and is of course a bit of a party girl!

Currently, the stunning Harriette is starring in MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’, where she was an instant hit with the group and had the guys running after her within just five minutes of arriving on the beach!

Is there anything this girl can’t do?!


Tel: 01253 595960


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