‘I’ve been thinking about you’ was their big hit – THE world-wide smash hit…

‘I’ve been thinking about you’ was their big hit – THE world-wide smash hit.


Whatever happened to LondonBeat? That ́s a question lots of people must have asked lately. The answer? LONDONBEAT IS STILL HERE! With a bunch of new recordings including a fresh upbeat single ‘Where Are U’ and a new album which carries the perfect programmable title ‘Back in the Hi-Life’. “That was the very first song that we wrote after we had decided ‘We will do it again!'” says Jimmy Helms, lead vocalist of the quartet. “It’s about reaching for that Higher Love, that illusive muse again. It’s about LondonBeat.”

Reaching! Perhaps that’s why they haven’t disappeared into oblivion, like so many other bands of their era. Reaching for the stars, but with their feet planted firmly on the ground. These days they find themselves doing concerts in far-flung places like Volgograd, Russia, for 250,000 fans, not to mention more luxurious locations. “We’ve just come back from a weekend trip to Nice. Last year we gave a concert there on the Yacht “Christina” of the Onassis family. Fabulous! The organizers asked us back again this year because they know: the people like our sound. In territory after territory we are happy to learn that our fans have never forgotten us.”

‘I’ve been thinking about you’ was their big hit – THE world-wide smash hit. At the beginning of the 90‟s it was number 1 in Germany, number. 1 in the U.S.(number 2 in Great Britain), in fact, it was number 1 in 27 countries. “One of those magical songs that makes the sun rise on your face. You listen to it just once and you never forget it. It is wonderful a song can keep you in the mind of so many millions of people,” says Helms, “I think that a lot of people connect the memory of their lives at that time with ‘Thinking About You’. They still remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard it for the first time. You can never plan something like this. It just happens or not.” More than 5 million copies were sold of the single and suddenly the guys of Londonbeat were global pop-superstars. Their videos were on high rotation all around the world.

“We are lifted by the nature of our music, but even more inspired by the fact our fans are uplifted as well,” Says Jimmy Helms. “We are proud to be an older, experienced band. We are aware of the ‘nostalgia factor’ and we’re thrilled at this opportunity to reach the people again who are still LondonBeat fans after all these years. But we also want to send out this message: We are stronger. We have progressed. We combined all of our old elements such as harmonies, strong melodies and uplifting moods, with fresh new ideas.”

Are LondonBeat making a comeback? In fact they never really left!!


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