Made In Chelsea’s Ollie has had three passions since being a young boy: Music, Art and Fashion…

Made In Chelsea’s Ollie has had three passions since being a young boy: Music, Art and Fashion. Creativity is something that is incorporated into his everyday routine and has become part of the fabric that weaves his projects together.

Read More is the culmination of all Oliver’s current working projects, and will be the destination for a variety of commitments, including Art, Serge DeNimes and Proudlock Style as well as collaborations and exciting news.

Since leaving Newcastle University, where Ollie completed a degree in Fine Art, he has continued in his mother’s footsteps making the move into fashion. Moving back to London, Oliver set up SergeDeNimes, a design-led brand that presents an exclusive collection of fashion and accessories. Serge focuses on premium, urban apparel of the highest quality. Their original designs epitomize the urban culture and artistic flair that is the foundation of the Serge lifestyle. They strive to create an artistic community that focuses on producing cutting-edge designs.

In addition to exciting progression within his own brand, Oliver has collaborated on a number of projects. Oliver has designed an exclusive range of four styles of shoe for popular brand Oliver Sweeney. His shoe range was sold online, as well in all Oliver Sweeney stores within the UK and one of London’s largest retailers, Harvey Nichols.

He also has collaborated with English jewellery designer Theo Fennell, and created a capsule collection made up of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with a Native Indian theme.

One other main passion that has really developed over the last two years, since he completed a gruelling six-week muscle plan that was figured in ‘Men’s Health’, is fitness/health and nutrition. He has continued to keep in shape, releasing his own fitness book called ‘6 Week Muscle Plan’.


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